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"Little Sparks" for July

July 29, 2021

Forget the negativity – Miss Pirates' new song is full of hope!

Today Miss Pirate will announce her new Single "Little Sparks".

It is her first release in 2021, and it's a very special song for her!

In 2020 she wanted to move to Phoenix to be with her husband, who has been living in the USA for six years. But, unfortunately, because of the pandemic, that wasn't possible. Not seeing her husband for one year was very hard, and she had to learn to look out for the small things to keep up her hope and stay optimistic. Especially music helped her through these times, and so she wrote Little Sparks.
In March 2021, she was finally able to move.

Now she lives in Phoenix, and this first release also celebrates an entirely new start in her life.

Little Sparks is about keeping hope in the dark times, recognizing the small but precious things, and never giving up.
It's an uplifting song that makes you want to dance but still is full of honest emotions.

Miss Pirate's wish is that this song will reach many people and give them little sparks of hope. Make them feel better and encourage them to keep on fighting for their dreams.

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