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Milan, LA or Paris?

March 5, 2021

He had to wait a long time.  For years he has focused on writing his own music and developing his own style.  Now it’s time:

On April 30, 2021, his debut single “Milan, LA or Paris” will be released on all major streaming platforms.  In collaboration with Die Mischbatterie (Stephan Zeh) this song was written in a time that was not easy for musicians.  So we are all the more happy to finally get started with Daniel and stir up the music industry!

 “A sketch on paper is often all that is necessary to become aware of one’s goals, dreams and desires.  Sometimes life pulls us or our loved ones out of the usual daily routine and sends us on a journey.  It creates a picture of memories.  The song describes precisely this theme from the perspective of the protagonist, who follows a girl’s adventure – no matter where the journey goes and no matter how colorful her life becomes.”  - Daniel Aubeck

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