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If you want to get a foothold in the music industry – be it a band, a duo or a solo artist – you should have the right partners at your side who will advise you on all aspects.  Publishers benefit from your success and are therefore the perfect companions for professional musicians!


  • Publishers know the industry
  • Publishers review your GEMA Settlement
  • Publishers report your Songs to GEMA
  • Publishers may give advances
  • Publishers support you with contacts & Know-How
  • Publishers do not charge a fixed monthly fee!


  • Publishers get 1/3 of your GEMA Revenue
  • Publishers ask a lot of questions and want to support you in all topics of the music industry
  • You have to become a GEMA member for a small annual contribution
  • Publishers will require you to let them know about your gigs so they can make sure you get your money from GEMA


At some point in their career, every artist gets to the point of wanting to record a demo, a EP or a Album. However, an aspiring musician has little or no experience in shaping his ideas and ideas into a finished product in a studio. We want to support you with our own studio, as well as recording/mixing engineer and, if necessary, individual coaching.

If you would like to complete your song with a high-end mastering, we will put you in touch with one of our partners. Furthermore, you benefit from our repertoire of studio musicians of all kinds that you can book for your recordings to make your song perfect.

  • Elaboration of your songs (arrangement, music theory, lyrics)
  • Secure and professional appearance
  • Individual Voicecoaching for studio singers
  • Placement of Studio musicians
  • Design and production of instrumentals for your lyrics (as well as for videos, movies, advertisements etc.)
  • Recording and Mixing of your music (external High-End Mastering)
  • Contact to Presswerk (CD, DVD, Vinyl)

What can we offer you?

Demo Production ~ from 360€* Voice Recording ~ from 135€*
Mixing ~ from 180*€ 'Mastering ~ from 90€*

​*The prices shown include the -10% new customer discount and are only valid for the first project.


We have made it our business to look at the economic (and actually hard/dust-dry) side of the music industry from a slightly different point of view. Thanks to our experience in gastronomy, event technology and studies, we draw our own conclusions with regard to the marketing of our artists. Even if we believe that musicians belong on stage: First of all, it needs an audience – a fanbase. Who likes to perform in front of empty chairs...

With the perception of artistic, media and economic interests in all areas of artistic activity as well as the assumption of organizational concerns within the framework of our career, we see our areas of responsibility above all in:

  • the development, conception, planning and promotion of the career
  • the protection of the artistic, media and commercial interests of KÜNSTLER vis-à-vis third parties (e.g. publishers, sound/photo record producers, booking agencies)
  • supplementary advice on all career-related contracts (e.g. publishing, sound/photo-carrier, touring or other exploitation contracts) as well as negotiation of the economic terms of these contracts
  • the organisation, coordination and other preparation of promotional and marketing activities, e.g. interviews with television and radio broadcasters or producers as well as with print media that serve to maintain the artist’s image and popularize him, in addition to the corresponding actions of third parties
  • additional advice on the verification of licence statements


Do you have questions on the following topics:

  • Authors
  • Licenses
  • collecting societies (e.g. /GEMA)
  • Recording
  • Singing
  • Songwriting
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Strategies for musicians

Then just send us a request via the contact form and we can arrange an individual consultation/coaching with you via Skype, Whatsapp, Discord, Facetime (vm.), or maybe soon in person!

Our vocal coach Evi introduces himself:

Sitting with a plastic microphone on the window sill and loudly chirping “Raspberry ice for breakfast” is my first memory of singing and of the beginning of my musical career.  Flute, guitar, harp, piano and drums accompany me little by little from this point onwards on my further path with some branches.  The concert harp ultimately leads me to study at the Leopold Mozart Conservatory Augsburg.  But here comes the first break, the break with classical music.

Abandonment of classical studies, start a pedagogical course, and reorientation towards vocals and guitar.  Private training as a vocal coach and guitar teacher.  After completing the pedagogical studies and a few years of work then the second break.  I leave my previous professional life and start my own career as a vocal coach and guitar teacher.
Since 2013: private singing and guitar lessons for the districts of Weilheim-Schongau, Landsberg and Starnberg
2017:  Artist at Rock against Rape, initiated by Ali Khan and sponsored by Swift Alarm
Since 2018: Musikpunkt Peißenberg, vocal lessons for beginners and advanced/rock, pop, blues, indie, singer-songwriter, jazz, as well as guitar lessons, western guitar for beginners and advanced/rock, pop.
Since January 2018: Vocal/voice coaching for individual artists and bands at we-creative

Singing Intensive coaching prices:

  • Lesson (at 45min) : €50.00
  • Card of five: €225.00
  • Card of 10: €450.00

Simply send enquiries via Contact form !


We now offer booking!

  • Festivals
  • Clubshows
  • Supportshows
  • Showcases