Torrential Rain

Torrential Rain Profile Picture
Metalcore, Synthwave, Rock

The German Progressive Metalcore Overflyers TORRENTIAL RAIN capture you where everyday life leaves you behind. Romanticism, break-ups or philosophizing about one’s own life are just some of the topics that their fans in over 85 countries should know: You are not alone!


Emaira Profile Picture
80s Synthwave, Indie

She produces a unique blend of 80s synthwave with German lyrics. Inspired by her personal love for the synth-driven sounds of the 80s, she brings new life into her compositions with moving melodies, opulent harmonies and infectious rhythms, creating a captivating fusion of nostalgia and innovation.

Industrial Manner

Industrial Manner Profile Picture
Electro, Industrial

Something new is rising – can u feel it?
Having finished their training to become Audio Engineers at the DeutschePOP Academy, they started their joint project out of sheer love for electronic music. Their goal is to instill this enthusiasm into their music and to pass their own euphoria on to the audience during live performances. A mixture of classic New-School Techno, Tech-House-resembling rythms and an industrial manner results in a notably different and new interpretation of electronic dance music.


Audio-Activ Profile Picture
German Rock

Hidden in the mysterious dark forests of the Ore Mountains, matured to refinement and now ready to make the world shine. On their way, they leave the long-trampled paths of the German rock and dress it in a new, attractive garment. Invisible, inconspicuous, but with lethal certainty, its serum drips into your ear, crawls through your ear canal into your brain, puts you in a toxic shock, until you finally come back addicted.

Under Attic

Under Attic Profile Picture
Blues Rock

Under Attic consists of four musicians, all from Peißenberg. In classic four-piece rock line-up, the band combines postmodern indie with good, old funky blues rock. As lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Erik convinces with his distinctive, smoky voice. Added to this is Vincent’s masterful guitar work with emotional solos. The rhythmic foundation is formed by Daniel on bass and Michael on drums.

Call It A Day

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Modern Post Hardcore

Catchy tunes, melodic verses and a breath of fresh air in the newcomer-scene: this is how the post-harcore band CALL IT A DAY can be described in just a few words. Melodic guitars, catchy refrains and rhythmic verses among synthesizers and modern song-producing, which creates music that will stay in your head. The band has only just begun, many things are planned for the future.


Alqemiste Profile Picture
Nu-Era Metalcore

Alqemiste make creative music. There is never a concrete musical influence - everything that comes to mind is polished, edited, discarded and then started all over again. The songs contain trap elements that you would expect from Post Malone or $uicideboy$, emotional choruses à la The Word Alive and bone-breaking breakdowns reminiscent of Lorna Shore.


Blacktory Profile Picture
Alternative Rock

CRUCIFY THE DARK - a naive invitation to draw hope from short-term euphoria, not to let go of it, to draw strength from it and to fight against the darkness. With this motto, the 4 guys from a random village have been playing alternative rock that comes from the heart since 2018. Every little ray of hope can change your thoughts if you let it.

Daniel Aubeck

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Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Music . - The soundtrack of his life is written by Daniel Aubeck himself and the stories that emerge from it are full of ups and downs. In the first quarter of a century of its life, the undescribed paper was already on stages and streets as a singer/multi-instrumentalist, defining its idiosyncratic style by American pop-country spirit, in symbiosis with effective German lyrics.