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New single | Torrential Rain

March 4, 2021

"Time Will Tell" will be single no.1 - 2021

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Last year, the Nuremberg Quartet made a big hit with four releases and attracted worldwide attention.  Also this year Chris, Domi, Dario and Gordy want to let creativity and productivity run wild and cancel with “TIME WILL TELL”  Three more singles on.  Songwriter Chris (Vocals/Guitar) gives an insight into the sound and theme of the song:

“”Time Will Tell” is probably our most demanding song in terms of instrumental work we have ever written.  In those five minutes, there’s hardly any time for us to breathe.  Instead, we tried to write a song that demands everything from us and forces us to develop further.  New techniques such as slapping on the guitar or sophisticated timepieces offer a wealth of variety in this number.  During the arrangement all stops were pulled out again and we put together a very nuanced composition where I am very curious to see how the people will react to it. The lyrics of the song deal with the feeling of not being sure if you have taken the right paths in life and are slowly being overwhelmed by all the possible options of “how could it have been.”  Thoughts with which one or the other may find themselves in a self-reflective time like this.  ‚ Time Will Tell” will most likely be one of my favorites at live concerts because of the raw energy and melodies that people will hopefully be humming in front of them long after the show.”

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