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Torrential Rain - New album November 17th

October 27, 2023

After eight successful single releases in 2020 and 2021, solidifying TORRENTIAL RAIN's position in the international metalcore scene, one of the most innovative metal bands is returning in November 2023 with a complete studio album.

Group photo Torrential Rain (Photo by Nioryn Photography)

Weaving the enigmatic world of artificial intelligence into a mesmerizing musical tapestry, the album "Digital Dreams" by Chris Danner and his band transcends traditional boundaries of modern metalcore. Unveiling a captivating concept, each song's unique cover mirrors the fascinating experience of an artificial intelligence’s dreamworld.

Intriguingly, the album's lyrical content delves beyond AI, exploring poignant themes of personal struggles, hopes, dreams, social commentary, and relationship quandaries. The exception lies in the title track, aptly named 'Digital Dreams,' a profound exploration of the AI concept.

A tour de force of modern progressive metalcore, the album strikes a harmonious balance between intricate riffs and virtuosic instrumental prowess. Undeniably demanding yet surprisingly accessible, it gracefully welcomes both musicians and non-musicians. The multitude of nuances guides listeners through a journey, adorned with choruses and infectious melodies that beckon all to sing along.

Group photo Torrential Rain (Photo by Nioryn Photography)

Since 2020, TORRENTIAL RAIN has been releasing eight singles, reaching over 2 million streams and playing their way into the hearts of their fans and curators. Their songs were also added to several big Spotify-playlists like ALL NEW METAL, NEW BLOOD or PROGRESSIVE METAL. Well known Twitch-Streamer NIK NOCTURNAL added their most recent single to his Modern Metal Playlist and - together with NICK HIPA (ex-AS I LAY DYING) - found nice words about the band’s innovative, versatile, and advanced sound.

With motivation and power TORRENTIAL RAIN will be returning to stage in 2022 in style: As support for TENSIDE on their GLAMOUR & GLOOM TOUR they’ll be touring all over Germany alongside WATCHOUT STAMPEDE and CHAOSBAY. Right as the tour kicked off, TORRENTIAL RAIN also released their third album CHAPTERS, culminating all their releases of the last two years along several additional versions of them. In February 2023, the guys were on stage on the HEAT UP TOUR together with DEAD PHOENIX, MAY THE TEMPEST and PATHWALKER.

Germany's progressive metalcore newcomers TORRENTIAL RAIN catch you where everyday life lets you down. Romance, Break-ups or reflecting on one ‘s own life are just a few of the themes to let their fanbase located in over 151 countries know: You are not alone!

Albumcover Digital Dreams album Tracklist Digital Dreams

  1. Fountain Of Youth
  2. The Escapist
  3. Count On You
  4. Wanderers
  5. Meant To Be
  6. Faults Are Thick Where Love Is Thin
  7. Aporia
  8. Second Chances
  9. Lighthouse
  10. Eye To Eye
  11. Digital Dreams
  12. Monachopsis


  • 27.10.23 DE - Mainz / M8
  • 28.10.23 DE - Köln / MTC
  • 25.11.23 AT - Salzburg / Bricks
  • 26.11.23 DE - Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei - POSTPONED
  • 01.12.23 DE - Stuttgart / Club Zentral
  • 03.12.23 DE - Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei
  • 17.12.23 DE - Nürnberg / Z-Bau
  • 29.12.23 DE - Rosenheim / Asta Kneipe

Chris - Vocals & Guitar
Gordy - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Domi - Bass & Backing Vocals
Dario - Drums


Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

The realization of the audio production was supported by the scholarship program of the State of Bavaria, Germany: "Junge Kunst und neue Wege".