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Torrential Rain attacks

February 16, 2021

“Power meets precision” Germany’s Progressive Metalcore Newcomer TORRENTIAL RAIN pick you up where the everyday spiral is pulling you down.

“Torrential Rain release a true anthem with ‘Home Alone’. A must-listen for fans of Trivium, Periphery and Intervals.” -, 04/10/2020 Single HOME ALONE

“[. . . ] an absolute catchy chorus, which in its overall construction could certainly remind one or the other of many a Bullet For My Valentine song. “ -, 01/10/2020 Single STRUNG OUT

"'Deaf Ears' will thrill you with amazing vocals, astonishingly catchy melodies and a massive rhythm section that accentuates the melodies surprisingly well"
- Hellfire Magazine, 10/30/2020 Single Deaf Ears

Germanys progressive metalcore high flyers TORRENTIAL RAIN catch you where everyday life let’s you down. Romance, Break-ups or reflecting on one‘s own life are just a few of the themes to let their fanbase located in over 85 countries know: You are not alone!

Coupled with the guiding principle of „Power meets precision“ they fuse the unfusable: the brutal energy of bands like August Burns Red and Polaris combined with progressive-virtuoso writing á la Periphery. The four guys hailing from Germany create a perfect balance of both worlds in which brute force and delicate thoughtfulness coexist and present these american novelty trends to europe’s stages.

TORRENTIAL RAIN racked up over 370.000 streams in listeners playlists with their 2020 singles „HOME ALONE“, „STRUNG OUT“, „DEAF EARS“, and „LEFT OUTSIDE“. To top the year off the latest track „LEFT OUTSIDE“ got featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists „NEW METAL TRACKS“ and „NEW BLOOD“.