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What’s happening at we-creative this year?

February 18, 2021

Who would have thought that 2020 music & art would only take place digitally?

We didn't!

Together with our artists, we worked out strategies and compared them with those of international acts.


In the digital age, newcomers also have much better chances of reaching their target audience directly, but the probability of never really being discovered is also much higher.  In order to counteract the “downsides” of this development, we will invest even more time in the world’s social media and streaming service providers in 2021.

BUT: Despite all the prefabricated portals, it is extremely important to maintain a direct contact with your fans!  Imagine one of the big platforms locks your account – what then?

If you want to know how to avoid such risks, just contact us via our contact form and we’ll arrange a consultation via Skype, Whatsapp, Discord or maybe soon in person.

 After the successful “reset” of our website (to make it clearer and above all faster for you) we hope to be able to inform you about everything worth knowing about we-creative – here in the news section of the new website!

Just add our RSS-FEED-LINK to your feed reader application and you won't miss anything ever again!

What exactly is to be done?

  • Daniel Aubeck will publish his first works this year (dates to follow soon)
  • Under Attic working on their first physical EP
  • Torrential Rain plan to release more singles this year and thus remain true to their 2020 motto
  • Emaira also plans to publish at least 4 more songs digitally
  • Miss Pirate leaves Germany for the USA and will continue working on her “Ukulele EP” and some singles